Dermax Laser Clinic a multi face of clinic which serves with the Treatment of Skin, Hair, Nail, Cosmetology and driven by Dr. Atul C. Mishra.

Dr. Atul happens to be one of the Noted Cosmetologist Skin Care in a very short period of time due to his well and perfect treatment and result oriented work. His experience of 6 Years and makes him worth every penny and time.

He is a known to complete his degree in medicine from NAMC, Mumbai. Also Completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Dermatology from Indian Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, Pune.

The Clinic Makes the Best Of available Technology and equipment to serve the patients with the best treatment.

Dermax Laser, Skin and Hair Clinic has always believed in detailed study and Innovation. They tend to study the Patient intricately before leveraging him a treatment the best of technologies and equipment are used for the treatments.

The Customized and specifically designed treatment ensures no side effect and faster recovery when the treatment is specifically designed for the patient offer conducting a meticulous study on him than the treatment is going to work for sure.

In a very short period of time people have come to know about the name of the clinic and today all of them consider Dermax as the best place to get treated for the disease related to Skin, Hair and Nail Care